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<3 love online </3 : navigating connection, relationships and love in the digital age

french version online here:

<3 love online </3 is a zine examining how our relationship with the internet has affected our relationships with one another - our break-ups, hook-ups, and everything in between. how is digital life affecting the way we love in our wider worlds?

we’re hiring artists and writers belonging to marginalized groups who are based in Canada to contribute pieces. we will give priority to people with a connection to montreal.

contributors will be paid between $75-125 CAD, depending on how many submissions are accepted. we’re able to pay artists because of a generous grant from the Digital Justice Lab.

<3 </3 will be made available digitally (for free!!) and physically (PWYC). we’re publishing in spring/beginning of summer 2019.

who are we?

our machines run on nonbinary code. we write our scripts with the hope that they’ll be rewritten, broken, torn and burned. we are a few millennials who remember what dating was like before the internet, and we want to capture these collective memories before they’re lost. we are…

Yuan (pronounced you-anne, she/they - @ystvns - into tech + law + ethics + anti-oppression + harm reduction + doggos)

Gabriela (she/her - @gab_catalina - Colombiana, writer, powerfemme, researcher / community youth worker)

Maggie (she/they - @meochaidha - doing tech activism and digital security training and sometimes art)

questions? contact us at

who are you?

you’re based in Canada. you’re a writer, a thinker, an activist, an artist, a creator, or something else entirely. you’re part of a marginalized group. we hope you have a connection to Montreal. you may be BIPOC. you may be asexual, aromantic, allosexual, queer, LGBTQIA+, intersex, trans, nonbinary, agender, poly… you may be 86 years old, or 14.

(artists younger than 14 may submit to the zine, but must also submit an accompanying consent form, signed by both the artist and a guardian. if you need the consent form, please email us at

what we’re looking for

original works - nothing you’ve published previously elsewhere

pieces that relate directly to our theme (which can be found at the top of this page).

something that can fit in a zine. if you want to submit work in some medium other than text or image, tell us how you want your work included in the zine.

we are looking to support artists who engage with intersectional feminism and anti-oppression, however they define those terms for themselves.

works can be submitted in any language. however, if your work is written in a language other than English, French, or Spanish, please provide a translation in one of these languages so that we can make sure your submission aligns with our anti-oppressive values.

short - maximum 1000 words, or 3 8&1/2 x 11 pages.

artwork must be high-resolution. accepted file formats are .xcf, .png, .psd, and .ai.

application process

first, you email us your application (found at the bottom of this page), including a rough draft of your original submission. (due by 23:59 EST on March 1st, 2019) (you don’t need to have a finished product to show us at this time). You should include both your application and first draft in the same email, which you can send to

next, we let you know by March 1st if your draft has been accepted for publication. we can offer feedback upon request for pieces that did not make it into the zine, as part of our commitment to a transparent decision-making process. if you accept our offer upon signed agreement, we’ll send you the first part of your payment at this time.

then, you have the option to continue working on your submission and can choose to send us a second draft/W(ork)I(n)P(rogress) by 23:59 EST on March 15th.

finally, you send us the completed final version of your submission by 23:59 EST on March 29th, and we send you the remainder of your payment.


submission of application & first draft: 23:59 EST on March 1st, 2019

final decision letters sent out: March 8th, 2019

submission of second draft/WIP (optional): 23:59 EST on March 15th, 2019

submission of finished piece: 23:59 EST on March 29th, 2019

zine publication: end of spring/beginning of summer 2019

the application

please send an email to with all of the following information. include your name and submission title in the subject line. please also attach a first draft of your piece. accepted file formats include .pdf, .doc, .txt, .png, .psd, .xcf, and .ai. if you’d like to submit your work in another file format, please check with us first by emailing us at the above email address.

all applications must be submitted by 23:59 EST on March 1st, 2019.

fields with a ‘+’ before them are required.

+ Name:

Gender (and pronouns) ((both optional)):

+ Email:

+ Are you based in Canada? What is your connection to Montreal, if any?

How do you self-identify? Include as much or as little information as you’d like.

+ How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

+ What medium will you use for your project? (i.e. writing, watercolors, digital painting, etc.)

+ Describe your project. What will it address? How does it relate to our theme? (max 500 characters)

+ Why do you want your work to appear in this zine? (max 500 characters)

If your project includes written or spoken or signed language, what language(s) will your piece appear in?

+ Have you previously published this piece elsewhere?

+ What amount of compensation are you requesting for your piece (btwn $75-125 CAD)?